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As We Interpret the Bible We can Make Mistakes

The Christian world, without living Prophets and Apostles that are directed by Jesus Christ, can make mistakes in their interpretation of various passages in the Scriptures.

Galileo Galilei was charged with Heresy for disagreeing with the prevailing, Christian interpretation, of the Bible. 

 <<  Galileo Galilei 


Galileo Galilei was charged with Heresy for disagreeing with the prevailing, Christian interpation of the Bible.
Galileo Galilei was a religious man, and he agreed that the Bible could never be wrong. However, he said, 'the interpreters of the Bible could make mistakes....'
At that time, only Church priests were allowed to interpret the Bible, or to define God's intentions. It was absolutely unthinkable for a mere member of the public to do so.
And some of the Church clergy started responding, accusing him of heresy. Some credits went to the Inquisition, the Church court that investigated charges of heresy, and formally accused Galileo Galilei.

This was a very serious matter. In 1600, a man named Giordano Bruno was convicted of being a heretic for believing that the earth moved about the Sun, and that there were many planets throughout the universe where life--living creations of God--existed. Bruno was burnt to death.
However, Galileo was found innocent of all charges, and cautioned not to teach that the Sun was the center of solor system with Earth and the other planets orbiting around it. (http://inventors.about.com/od/gstartinventors/a/Galileo_Galilei_3.htm)


    << President Gordon B. Hinckley

A statement made by President Gordon B. Hinckley:
"This is not my Church.  This is the Church of Jesus Christ.  It is His Church.  He stands at the head of this Church and dictates its policies and programs as well as its doctrine."  
(Jacksonville Florida West Stake conference, Jan. 19 1997, Church News Vol 69 No. 1).