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The Jaredites Came From the Tower of Babel

“And now I, Moroni, proceed to give an account of those ancient inhabitants who were destroyed by the hand of the Lord upon the face of this north country.  And I take mine account from the twenty and four plates…which is called the Book of Ether.
I give…the account…from the tower down until they were destroyed.”   (Ether 1:1-5)

“…Jared came forth with his brother and their families, with some others and their families, from the great tower, at the time the Lord confounded the language of the people, and swore in his wrath that they should be scattered upon all the face of the earth; and according to the word of the Lord the people were scattered.
And the brother of Jared being a large and mighty man, and a man highly favored of the Lord, Jared, his brother, said unto him: Cry unto the Lord, that he will not confound us that we may not understand our words.
And it came to pass that the brother of Jared did cry unto the Lord, and the Lord had compassion upon their friends and their families also, that they were not confounded.
…I [will] meet thee, and I will go before thee into a land which is choice above all the lands of the earth.”   (Ether 1:33-42)
1.  The above scriptures indicate that the Jaredite people, as recorded upon the 24 plates of gold, came from the tower of Babel.  [They were not descendants of the Jews.]

2.  At the time when the  Jaredites departed from the area of the "great tower" of Bable the Lord "confounded the language of all the earth".  (Genesis 11:5-9)  
But because of the righteousness and prayers of Jared, the brother of Jared, and their familes, the Jaredite's language was not confounded.

3. The Lord directed the brother of Jared to build eight "barges" in order to journey "cross many waters" to the "land of promise".

4. The Jaredites were "destroyed" upon the face of the "North face" of their "land of Promise".

Fernando de Alva Ixtlilxochitl recorded the following:
“The men made a very high and strong Zacualli, which means the very high tower, to protect themselves in it when the second world would be destroyed.
At the...time their languages were founded, and
not understanding one another, they went away to different parts of the world.” (Fernando de Alva Ixtlilxochitl, Obras Historicas, I, 15-17)(40)

“The ancestors of the natives of this land that is now called New Spain, according to the common and general opinion of everyone, as well as that which appears demonstrated in their paintings, came from ... the Division of Babel".  (Fernando de Alva Ixtlilxochitl, Obras Historicas,:9)


Carlos de Sigüenza y Góngora an ordained Catholic priest, (1645-1700)

During the 1680’s Carlos de Sigüenza y Góngora, obtained access to some Aztec and Toltec documents and wrote 'Histories of Mexico', giving us some information about the original settlers of Mexico.

 Gongorra said that he "arrived at the curiously definite results that the original settlers descended from Naphtuhim, son of Mizraim and grandson of Noah, who left Egypt for Mexico shortly after the confusion of the tongues."  

is the plural form of "Nephet" which means honeycomb.  It means honeycomb people or beekeepers, or people of deseret. 

"and they did also carry with them deseret, which, by interpretation, is honeybee; and thus they did carry with them swarms of bees."  (Ether 2:3)

"All unanimously agree that giants existed and dwelt in various parts of this continent… they are descended from …families who united at the dispersion of Babel."       (Antiquities of Mexico, by Edward Kingsborough, Vol. 8 p. 28)


"They [the Aztec people] represent the confusion of languages in their paintings by the symbol of a round hill… and round the medallion on the outside are many tongues, which encircle and form a border to it" "They affirm, then that the time of the confusion of tongues there were… families who spoke the same languagethey understood each other, they united, and forming a single company, proceeded on their journey…they arrived at the place where they made their first settlement in the northern part of this kingdom…"    (Antiquities of Mexico, Vol. 8 p. 27)  [“Even in the...1840’s...Kingborough’s works had not reached America.”]

  << El Paso Herald, newspaper April 25, 1912
“An interesting theory, now strongly held by scientists and scholars of the Smithsonian Institution, is that the Mayas are descended from the ancient people of Babylonwho were dispersed over the face of the earth after the capture of that famous city by Cyrus.”

 [Actually it was not the "Mayas" who were descendants from the"people of Babylon" but it was the Jaredites who were the descendants from the "people of Babylon".  

It was not until 1941 that two Mexican archaeologists, Alfonso Caso and Miguel Covarrubias, along with an American archaeologist, Matthew Stirling, proclaimed that a culture that has become known as the Olmecs was the mother culture of Mexico.  It was this earlier group of people, who were called the Jaredites, as recorded in the Book of Mormon, who came from the “tower of Babel”. The Maya who were descendants from the Lamanites, did not come directly from the "tower of Babel".  They did however come from the same Egyptian/Mesopotamia area "Jerusalem" as shown on the map below.] 

“Science now believes that the Mysterious Mayas of the Yucatan came from Ancient Babylon after the Confusion of Tongues addition to this there is other evidence that the Mayas came from somewhere in Asia.” "According to the Maya legend, Xelhue one of the seven giants who survived the Deluge, erected a pyramidal tower of enormous height for the purpose of storming Heaven.  But the Gods destroyed it with lightings and confounded the languages of the builders."

"This evidently gives strong confirmation to the theory that the prehistoric inhabitants of Yucatan brought the tradition of the tower and the story of the Flood with them from Assyria."  "There are many well-known reasons for believing they were Asiatic by origin." "...they had, and their descendants today still possess, traditions of a Deluge [flood] and a Tower of Babel- the story of the latter being substantially the same as that which has come down to us in the Bible."   (El Paso Herald, April 25, 1912, p. 11)


   << William Hickling Prescott was an American historian and Hispanist, who became one of the most eminent historians of 19th century America.

He wrote the following:
"The popular tradition of the Natives is, that it, [the temple of Cholula, Mexico]
, was erected by a family of giants, who had excaped the inundation, and designed to raise the buildings to the clouds; but the gods, offended with their presumption, sent fires from heaven on the pyramid, and compelled them to abandon the attempt.  The partial conincidence of this legend with the Hebrews account of the tower Babel...cannot be denied."  ( Mexico and the Life of the Conqueror Fernando Cortes V2,  by William H. Prescott, p. 386-387)