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Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible

The Prophet Joseph Smith in the 1830’s A.D. was commanded to commence correcting various verses that through miss-translations, omission, additions, deletions, rearrangements, and other alterations resulted in various miscellaneous mistakes that ended up in the King James Version of the Bible.  
The Prophet Joseph Smith received continual revelation in making these various corrections.  These corrections are now called the “Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible".

The Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible
by the Reorganized Church
of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

An overview of Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible, by  Robert J. Matthews, Harold B. Library

Joseph Smith's (Clarification) Translation of the Bible  (You Tube video 4:06 min.)

New Discoveries in Joseph Smith's Translation of the Bible  (You Tube video 55:49 min.)