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Where are the Book of Mormon plates now?


 (Replica of The Book of Mormon plates.)  

The Prophet Joseph Smith records that Moroni was in "charge" of the Book of Mormon plates.  In other words Moroni was the caretaker of the plates.  
When Joseph Smith received the plates, he was told that when he had finished translating the plates
“arrangements” would be made to deliver them back to Moroni.
“…by the wisdom of God, they remained safe in my hands, until I had accomplished by them what was required at my hand. When  according to arrangements, the messenger called for them, I delivered them, [the Book of Mormon plates] up to him; and he has them in his charge until this day, being the second day of May, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight.".    
(Joseph Smith History 1:60)
Evidence indicates that the Book of Mormon plates were then put in a depository cave which was filled with many other "sacred engravings”.


Discourse by Elder Orson Pratt, 1877.

“…these plates now hidden in the hill Coumorah…”  
(Discourse by Elder Orson Pratt 1877 Journal. of Discourses. Vol. 19, p. 218)





  Discourse by Brigham Young June 17, 1877.
"...When Joseph [Smith] got the plates, the angel instructed him to carry them back to the hill Cumorah, which he did.  Oliver, [Cowdery], says that when Joseph and Oliver went there, the hill opened, and they walked into the cave, in which ther was a large and spacious room."   Journal of Discourses Vol.19, Page 38


Heber C. Kimball in 1856 recorded that the Book of Mormon plates were returned into a depository "cave" or room.  
This depository "cave" or room and the event of seeing and being inside this cave, according to Heber C. Kimball, was a "vision".
“…the vision that Joseph [Smith] and others had, when [they went] into a cave in the hill Cumorah..."  



Evidence indicates that there are two different hills, each hill is called Cumorah.
The hill Cumorah located in the State of New York.
The hill Cumorah in the Book of Mormon located in Mesoamerica.
Taking into consideration of all of the statements and available evidence, the Book of Mormon plates in my opinion, seems to me to be deposited the hill Cumorah located in Mesoamerica. 

Regardless of the location, all of these plates are "deposited unto the Lord" and will be brought forth in his own do time.  (Mormon 1:3 & Mormon 2:17)
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