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Si, es verdad.  Si, es correcto! 
Yes, that’s True. Yes, that’s Correct!

"I talked with an old Indian, a "Patriarch" the guide called him, way out a thousand miles by jungle trail from Mexico City, in his little hut in Yucatan.  With no warning my guide said, “You tell him the story you told me about our gold Bible.”  And in broken Spanish, with the help of the guide, I told him briefly (in an hour’s time) the story of his ancient religion coming from the “golden bible.”  He listened intently; then when I got to the story where Christ came walking down out of heaven to live among them—the Son of God who was a God in his own right, who died, was crucified on a cross on the old continent, during which time there was a great destruction on this continent for three hours—the old man’s eye filled with tears and he started to nod, and he said “Si, es verdad.  Si, es correcto!”  (Yes, that’s true. Yes, that’s correct!)  From then on, while I told the rest of the story, from time to time he world nod and sat the same thing.  Then for two hours I swat in his hut listening to the legends of his Indian people. It was marvelous to me, of course.  He told me that they did have the legend that their people would become great again like their forefather who had twelve sons, (Father Israel) but not until after their true ancient religion came back to them again.  Point after point of his story tied in perfectly with the Book of Mormon story.  (The Trial of the Stick of Joseph, by Jack H. West, p. 101)