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What does God look like?

"...For we are also His offspring...." "Forasmuch then as we are the offspring of God..."  (Acts 17:28-29).
[The Dictionary meaning of the word offspring. is "a person's child or children".] 

The God that Moses saw wrote with his finger upon the tables of stone. (See Exodus 31:18)
Eyes (Genesis 1:4)  (Ezra 5:5)
Ears (Numbers 11:18
Nose  and can smell (Exodus 15:8) (Genesis 8:21)
Hands and backparts (Exodus 33:23)
Arm (Jeremiah 27:5)
Feet (Psalms 18:9)
Mouth (Isaiah 1:20) (Job 37:2) (Deuteronomy 8:3)
God can talk with his Mouth - Voice (Genesis 3:8) (Job 37:2-5
Legs to walk with (Deuteronomy 23:14


"We also learn from the old book, [the Bible], that the Lord created man in his own image and in his express likeness. Man possesses body and parts: the result is, he is a being in the express image of the Father.
The Father of the God that the sectarians worship is not the being who created man. But this imaginary deity, or myth of nothing at all, whose centre is said to be everywhere, and whose circumference is nowhere, (I have heard it described in that language,) which is worshipped by the sectarian world, can simply be expressed by using the words of the Methodist discipline and the creeds generally, and with the addition of two or three other words, without body, parts, or passions;"  (Journal of Discourses, V. 9, p. 15-20, Elder George A. Smith, April 6, 1861)




Joseph Smith's First Vision (Depiction of Joseph Smith's First Vision. (4:15)