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Questions and Answers about the Xochicalco Stella Stone and the Stone called the Lock.
These stones have reformed Egyptian writings on them. 



1. Question: The two stones that have reformed Egyptian writings on them, where are they now?

Answer: The last time that I emailed and/or talked to Jerry L. Ainsworth was in 2011.  At that time, I asked Jerry Ainsworth where the stone called the Lock was? 

He told me that he had it right there in his home.  I asked him if he would be interested in making copies of that stone out of concrete or some other material and that I would pay for all of the expense and the process of making a few copies for me.  He said that that would be OK if we could keep it secure and he did not know how we would do that.  I told him that I also did not know how or who could do that.  

I ended up not following through and checking on who could do that.  But at that time he had no problem giving it to someone to making physical replica copies.

I also asked him where the stone “8 inches thick” by about 5’ 5” tall, Xochicalco Stella stone was located, that was found by Dr. Jesus Padilla Orozco, in the 1950’s.  He told me that the large Xochicalco Stella stone was at that time, located in a friend’s home in Mexico.  I asked him if he had some better pictures of the stone then what was in his book and he said that he would look and try to find some and send them to me.  They are posted on my website.  (Reformed Edgyption and Hebrew)

2. Question: Are the two stones with Reformed Egyptian writings on them, authentic or forgeries? 

Answer: Jerry Ainsworth answers this question in his book called, "The Lives & travels of Mormon & Moroni", which was published in 2000.  In this book he explains how he obtained the stone from a friend of his, Jesus Padilla Orozco.  These Stella stones were given to Jerry Ainsworth for some of the following reasons; 
1st Because Jerry Ainsworth was a friend who had helped Jesus Padilla Orozco in the past.
2nd Padilla Orozco was in poor health. 
3rd Padilla Orozco was afraid that the large stone would be taken away from him.  
Note: It is against the law in Mexico for any private individual to have, hide or own any antique artifacts.
(Federal Law on Archaeological, Artistic and Historic Monuments and Areas, May 6, 1972) 

There is no reason or evidence to suspect that anyone carved these stones for fraudulent reasons.

Jesus Padilla Orozco did not have the money or where about to make and carve such a stone as this.

One of the first times that I visited with Jerry Ainsworth on the telephone he told me that he wanted to give the Xochicalco Stella stone to the Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder-day Saints.  He wanted it to be put on display inside of the Mexico City, Mexico Temple.  He told me that he had called them and they turned him down and would not except his offer.  He mildly expressed his disappointment in being turned down and not being able to give, what he considered to be such a valuable object, to the Church for display in the Temple.

There was never a time in any of my communication with Jerry Ainsworth that I ever felt that there was any adverse and/or fraudulent reason to give away this large Reformed Egyptian Xochicalco Stella stone to the Church.
To me it seems obvious why the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints would turn down Jerry Ainsworth offer and not except the Stella Stone, because if it is a genuine pre-Columbus artifact, (which I believe that it absolutely is), than that would be against Mexican law.  Because it is against the law for anyone to possess authentic ancient artifacts other then the Mexican government.