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Did the Book of Mormon Events take place in the United States?

According to the geographical information in the Book of Mormon, and archaeological and historical information available to us today.  That part of the United States known as the "heartland” area in the United States is not the location of where the main events of the Book of Mormon took place. 

The main Book of Mormon events took place in Mesoamerica.  

Some members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints have made statements and provided information to the public that is not accurate.
Leaders in the Church,
 [Joseph Fielding Smith, quoted by Elder Bruce R. McConkie], have also made various statements that they later stated were of their own personal "opinions".  

As the following linked information indicate.

The following Links are from Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum.

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Heartland as Hinterland  (by Mark Alan Wright, a quote by Mark; "The core locations and events detailed in the text of the Book of Mormon took place in Mesoamerica, but many Nephites and Lamanites migrated and established settlements far northward of the core area and are thus simply outside the scope of the, [Book of Mormon], text.” )

The Prophecies and Promises of 1 Nephi 13:30–31 That Invalidate the Heartland Theory for New World Book of Mormon Geograph  (by Joe V. Andersen and Ted Dee Stoddard)

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