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Hebrewic Construct State in The Book of Mormon

The many constrictive state of two nouns one after another gives supporting evidence that the original writers of the Book of Mormon had a Hebrew background.

The usage wherein two nouns are placed one after the other because they are in close grammatical relationship one to another is not commonly used in the English language.   
In Hebrew, we find such expressions as these, extracted from numerous verses in the Book of Mormon:

"altar of stones"
"state of probation"
"words of plainness"
"land of promise"
"plates of brass"    
The "plates of Brass" statement is listed 24 times in the Book of Mormon.
"chains of hell"
"mist of darkness"
"plates of gold"
"plates of Nephi"
"night of darkness"
"rod of iron"   The normal the English language order of words would be "iron rod".  Example: "The Iron Rod" & "The Iron Rod"   A Hebraic example of "rod of iron', from the Bible;  (Psalms 2:9)
"bands of death"       The "bands of death" statement is listed 11 times in the Book of Mormon.
"voice of the people"    The "voice of the people" is listed 20 times in the Book of Mormon.

Joseph Smith heritage was English.  An example of his order of words is as follows:
  Hebraic                 English            Joseph Smith writings
"plates of gold"        "gold plates"            "gold plates"  (Joseph Smith-History 1:34 & Joseph Smith History 1:64)