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 The following are some interesting excerts out of Wilford Woodruff's Journal.
"July 2, 1840: I spent the day at 149 Oldham Road in writing. I was informed of a remarkable vision of Sister Ann Booth which I have written on the following page. I spent the night at Bro. John Walkers, Cookson Strt. No. 10.
A Remarkable Vision I, Ann Booth, wife of Robert Booth of the Town of Manchester, England, had the following vision on the [11] 12th day of March in the year of our Lord 1840."
"Being carried away in a vision to the place of departed souls, I saw 12 prisons, one above another, very large and built of solid stone. On arriving at the door of the uppermost prison, I beheld one of the 12 Apostles of the Lamb who had been martyred in America standing at the door of the prison holding a key with which he unlocked the door and went in and I followed him. He appeared to be of a large size, thick set, dark hair, dark eyes and eyebrows, or a smiling countenance and on his head was a crown of gold or something brighter. He was dressed in a long white robe with the sleeves pleated from the shoulder to the hand. Upon his breast were four stars apparently like gold and a golden girdle about his loins. His feet were bare from above the ankles downwards, and his hands were also bare. As he entered the prison, he seemed to stand about three feet from the floor (which was of marble) as if the place was not worthy for him to stand upon. A very brilliant and glorious light surrounded him while the rest of the prison was dark. But his light was peculiar to himself and did not reflect upon others who were in the prison who were surrounded with a gloom of darkness. On the right hand near the door stood John Wesley and shouted, Glory, honor, praise and power be ascribed unto God and the Lamb forever and forever. Deliverance has come. The Apostle then commenced to preach the baptism of repentance for remission of sins and the Gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands. Then the hundreds of prisoners gave a shout with a loud voice crying, Glory be to God forever and ever. The marble floor was then removed and a river of water clear as crystal seemed to flow in its place. The Apostle then called to John Wesley by name who came forward quickly and both went down into the water and he baptized him and coming up out of the water he laid hands upon him for the gift of the [12] Holy Ghost. At the same time ordaining him to the Priesthood of Aaron. The Apostle then retired to the place where he stood at first and John Wesley then proceeded to baptize a man by the name of Killham, the leader of the New Connection of Methodists, and next John Madison and then Scott and John Tongue, the three latter were Methodist preachers with whom I had formerly been acquainted. The next he baptized was my grandfather (Edmund Whitehead) and the next was my Uncle (John Whitehead) and the next was my sister (Elizabeth Ottand) and next Joseph Lancashire and next Samuel Robinson and the next was my own mother. All these had lived and died Methodist and I had been personally acquainted with them all, and after this he baptized all the prisoners amounting to many hundreds. After they were all baptized, the Apostle laid his hands on them and confirmed them every one. Then instantly the darkness dispersed and they were all surrounded and enveloped in a brilliant light such as surrounded the Apostle at the first and they all lifted their voices with one accord giving glory to God for deliverance. My grandfather then came to me and blessed me saying the Lord bless thee forever and ever, art thou come to see us delivered. My mother then came to me and clasped me in her arms and kissed me three times and said the Lord Almighty bless thee forever and ever. I then awoke out of the vision and felt so happy and overjoyed that I knew not how to remain in bed. But waking my husband we arose and taking the Bible, I opened providentially to the text Isaiah 24, "They shall be gathered together, etc." More and more astonished, I again opened the Bible to the 1st of St. John, "The light shineth in darkness, etc." And again the third time I opened it and immediately cast my eyes upon the 1st chapter of Peter 18,19,20, speaking of the spirits in prison. Being before ignorant of these texts and opening [13] upon each, I evidentially (sic) was astonished beyond measure. I would further state that at the time I had the vision I had never heard of the death of David W. Patten whom I have since learned was one of the Twelve Apostles of the Latter-day Saints in America and was slain in the late persecution in the fall of 1835. But in the vision I knew it was an Apostle which had been slain in America. Perhaps many will think lightly of this vision, but l hereby solemnly testify that I actually saw and heard in a vision what I have here declared and I give my name and set my seal in witness to the same well knowing that I must stand before the judgment seat of Christ and answer for this testimony."

""December 27, 1841: The Twelve or a part of them spent the day with Joseph the Seer and he unfolded unto them many glorious things of the kingdom of God, the privileges and blessings of the priesthood, etc. I had the privilege of seeing for the first time in my day the Urim and Thummim."

Wilford Woodruff's Journal