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Pedro de Cieza de León

 << Pedro de Cieza de León

 "Pedro Cieza de León (Llerena, Spain c.1520 ---Seville, Spain 1554) was a Spanish conquistador and chronicler of Peru.
Cieza arrived in Perú in 1548 and became one of the most prominent early historians of ancient Perú as he interviewed many of the wise men and nobles of the Incas
He is known primarily for his history and description of Peru, Crónicas del Perú. He wrote this book in four parts, but only the first was published during his lifetime; the remaining sections were not published until the 19th and 20th centuries."
(Wikipedia, Pedro Cieza de León, 2014)


 << Crónicas del Perú The




 <<The second part of the Chronicle of Peru, by Pedro Cieza de León


  The handed down bits and pieces of informaion about the coming and events of "Ticiviracocha", Viracocha, or Jesus Christ to the Americas.  >> (The second part of the Chronicle of Peru, by Pedro Cieza de León,  p. 5-6 )  Published in English in 1883.


  Cieza de Leon “came to Peru fifteen years after the seizure of Atahualpa by Pizarro…Cieza de Leon mentions the destruction of the [Peruvian Indian] people. In every valley he entered, the Spaniards had killed them by thousands, and their buildings reduced to ruins. In many districts the whole population had been exterminated. In one place he says —" Nearly all these valleys are now almost deserted, having once been so densely peopled, as is well known to many persons." He heard of misery and cruelty in every part of the land. He saw the palaces and store houses of the Incas in ruins, the flocks slaughtered, the grand roads destroyed, and the posts for pointing the way in the deserts used for firewood. His barbarian countrymen pulled down the great works of irrigation, and turned thousands of acres of fertile land into desert. Cieza de Leon felt warmly for the wrongs of the Indians…. He tells us that…[they] burying food with their dead for the journey to the other world."  (Travels of Pedro de Cieza de Leon, 1532-1550, the first part of the Chronicles of Peru, Pages 17,93,108,119,203,213,220)