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Josiah Stowell

 ..Josiah Stowell (or "Stoal"), was the first person other than Joseph Smith to feel and heft the plates. Later, though, Stowell actually “testified under oath that he saw the plates the day Joseph first brought them home. As Joseph passed them through the window, Stowell saw a corner of the plates as a portion of the linen was pulled back. Stowell gave the court the dimensions of the plates and explained that they consisted of gold leaves with characters written on each sheet.

"it was unknown to Smith, that witness, (Josiah Stowell), saw a corner of the Bible, (Book of Mormon plates), so called by Smith; told the witness the leaves were of gold; there were written characters on the leaves; prisoner was commanded to translate the same by the Lord; and from the Bible got from the hill, as aforesaid, the prisoner said he translated the book of Mormon...."  Two 1830 Court Cases

Stowell joined the Church and died in full fellowship,  (FairMormon)