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Heavenly Father's Plan of Salvation

Man's Search for Happiness  (Video 13:12) 
[This is one of my favorite movies that I, Phil Michel, watched for the first time in 1969 as a non-member.  It opened up a window of light and understanding to me because I was raised in the Presbyterian Church and did not understand or have the pure restored Gospel and a correct understanding of the teachings of Jesus Christ in my live.  It was a life changer for me.]   

What Happens after We Die? (video 1:40)
(Life after death is part of God’s plan of happiness.) 

Life (video 2:34)
(This video depicts typography showing questions and answers about the purpose of life.)

The Plan of Salvation (video 10:39:40)
(Heavenly Father's plan of salvation is compared to a three-act play....)