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The Plates of Brass

"And I also knew that the law was engraven upon the plates of brass." (1 Nephi 4:16)

"And I also spake unto him that I should carry the engravings, which were upon the plates of brass, to my elder brethren, who were without the walls."  (1 Nephi 4:24)

"And it came to pass that we took the plates of brass and the servant of Laban, and departed into the wilderness, and journeyed unto the tent of our father."  (1 Nephi 4:38)


 <<  Francisco Ximenez de Cisneros

The Historian and friar, Francisco Ximenez de Cisneros, recorded about the ancient records "...They say... There was another book, which cannot be seen any more, in which was clearly seen the coming from the other side of the sea, [this book came from across the sea]...We can reason that they conserved some things from Genesis and Exodus as well, because its stories deal primarily with what the Holy Scriptures tell us of those books and also a little concerning other books that tell of the Hebrews and redemption of mankind."  (POPOL VUH Sacred Book of the Quince Maya People Translation and Commentary, by Allen J. Christenon)