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The Five Books of Moses

“...Lehi, took the records which were engraven upon the plates of brass, and he did search them from the beginning.  And he beheld that they did contain the five books of Moses...."   (1 Nephi 5:10-11)  Between 600 B.C. & 592 B.C.

Diego Durán (c. 1537–1588) was a Catholic Dominican friar who was the author of one of the earliest books on the history and culture of the Aztecs. The History of the Indies of New Spain is also known as the Durán Codex. Diego Durán compiled all of the Aztec information that was avaiable and produced, "The History of the Indies of New Spain", in 1581 A.D. 
He was fluent in Nahuatl, the Aztec language, and was therefore able to communicate with the natives and understane Aztec codices as well as work done by earlier friars.
 (Wikipedia & other Sources)

The Catholic friar, Diego Durán, recorded as follows;

“The [Aztec] Indians have traditions regarding a great man.   They told me that after he had suffered many affections and persecutions from his countrymen he gathered the multitude of his followers and persuaded them to flee from that persecution to a land where they could live in peace.   Having made himself leader of those people, he, [Moses], went to the seashore and moved the water with a rod that he carried in his hand. 
Then the sea opened and he and his followers went through. And the enemies, seeing this opening made, went behind him, but the waters returned to their place and the pursuers were never heard of again.  

What clearer proof do we need that these people were Jews than their own reference to the flight from Egypt, wherein Moses moved the waters with his rod, the sea opened up, a path appeared, and after Pharaoh followed with his army God caused the sea to return to its place, with the result that all their enemies drowned in the deep?  And if this account is not convincing enough, I should like to tell about another event that the Aztecs claim happened on their long migration. While they were camped by some high hills, a great, frightful earthquake occurred.  The earth opened up and swallowed certain evil men who were among them, an occurrence that filled the other people with dread.  Having seen the painting of this event, I was reminded of the Book of Numbers, where in is told how the earth opened up and swallowed Koran and Dathan and Abiram.

To provide another strong and clear proof of what I have been saying, I wish to relate the same painting showed how sand or very fine hail, [Mana], rained on the people,  When I inquired what this meant, I was told that sand from the sky rained on their forefathers continually during they made to reach this land.  …this must be the same manna with which god sustained the Jews in the desert as chapter XVI of Exodus relates.”  
<<  (The History of the Indies of New Spain, P. 7)






The Catholic Bishop, Diego de Landa stated the following:
"Some of the old men of Yucatan say that they have heard from their ancestors that this land was occupied by a race of people, who came from the East and whom God had deliverd by opening, 
[opening up a path for the twelve tribes of Israel to pass through the red sea], twelve path in the sea."  (Relation des choses de Yucatán by Diego de Landa)
 "If this were true, it necessarily follows that all the inhabitants of the Indies are descendants of the Jews.”   (Tozzer, Landa’s Relacion, XVIII, 16-17.(37) 

"Gomara, Torquemada, Acosta, and Herrera testify that the Mexicans, [Aztecs], believed to have occurred in the course of their pilgrimage from Aztlan,-such as heaven raining bread; [Note: Exodus 16:14-15], water flowing at the command of their god from a dry rock[Note: Exodus 17:6]a small brook suddenly overflowing its banks, and causing the enemy to flee before them; [Note: Exodus 14:25-27]the punishment of those who murmurred against the will of Huitzlopochtli, [Note: Exodus 32:1-35], and wished to remain in Tulan instead of proceeding onwards to the promised land; [Note: Exodus 14:11-12]the frequent consultations the priests held with their god, and the answers which they received ...."   (Antiquities of Mexico VI 244)