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In Search of Ancient Cumorah

The following videos on You Tube are provided by "Fair Mormon".
Presented by the Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum.

Video #1
"Explores the question of whether the hill in New York where Joseph Smith unearthed the metal plates from which he translated the Book of Mormon is the same hill where the last battle of the Nephites took place."

In Search of Ancient Cumorah - 1  (4:04 min.)

Video #2
"Explores evidences of a strong correlation between the Jaredites and the Olmecs of Mesoamerica.
Among them, the name of an Olmec king found inscribed on a stone in Palenque is "Kish", which is also the name of a Jaredite king in the Book of Mormon of the same approximate time period."

In Search of Ancient Cumorah - 2  (6:18 min.)

Video #3
"This video presents more reasons to look seriously at the Hill Vigia near Vera Cruz, Mexico as a candidate for the Hill Cumorah mentioned in the Book of Mormon."
In Search of Ancient Cumorah - 3  (7:51min.)