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What Is That Book?
"I have had three dreams that you have a book that is a history of some ancient people who lived in the Americas.   What is that book?"

     I, Phil Michel, was at our home at Mattawa Washington State sitting in the kitchen in the chair, which was on the southeast corner of the kitchen table. My wife Donna and Cathy, who was a close relative of ours, were talking to each other over by the stove in the kitchen.

    Whatever I was doing, I was not participating in any conversation with them. One of my daughters was over by the window. All of a sudden, Cathy came over to the table about four feet from me and said, “I have dreamed a dream that you have a book that is a history of some ancient people who lived in the Americas. What is that book?”

     When Cathy said this, I knew instantly that her dream was given to her from God, and was about the Book of Mormon. I thought to myself, am I really experiencing this?! This is something that you only read about in Church History. I was glad that my daughter and Donna were also there hearing the same thing that I was hearing. When Cathy Heib said, “What is that book?” I did not answer her question right away for a couple reasons. I was a little surprised that all of a sudden she came over to the table and began to tell me this and ask what book I had. The dreams must have been on her mind the whole time, and therefore she had to find out what book I had. I was not even talking to her nor Donna at the time, so making a complete change of whatever subject Donna and Cathy were talking about, she proceeded to tell me about the dream and ask me what book I had. Additionally, I wanted to see what she would say if I did not answer. When I didn't answer her question right away, she continued with a voice a little more forceful and determined to get an answer, saying, “I have had three dreams that you have a book that is a history of some ancient people who lived in the Americas. What is that book?”

     Note that this time she told me that she just didn’t just have one dream, but three dreams.
I could hardly believe my ears. I was completely astonished and thrilled at what was happening. I finally replied, “Yes, I have a Book that is a history of God’s dealings with some ancient people who lived in the Americas. It is the Book of Mormon.” The conversation continued from there, but we didn’t talk much more about the book then. Nor did I give her the Book of Mormon at that time because I wanted her husband to involved in what had happened to Cathy and in receiving the Book of Mormon. 

     Later the next day, my wife and I drove Cathy to meet Dennis, her husband, who was to pick her up at Snoqualmie Pass. I had taken a Book of Mormon along with me, planning to give it to her before I left. We were stopped at the Pass with all four of us sitting in the car Cathy, Dennis, my wife and myself talking and ready to say goodbye, when I told Cathy that I had something to give her before she left. I handed her a Book of Mormon and said, “This is the Book that I have. It is a history of God’s dealings with the ancient people in the Americas.”   
I don't remember all that we talked about but I am sure that I testified to her that the Book of Mormon was true and Another testament of Jesus Christ.  She told me "thank you" for the book. 

     Several years later, Cathy came alone to visit us so we talked for almost an hour about the gospel. I asked her what she had done with the dreams she’d had about my book, and if she’d read it. She said that she had read the Book of Mormon and it helped her in her life, and that she was “still seeking”. When I asked her if she would like to see the movie The First Vision, she said "yes" and we showed her the film. Before we showed the film, however, I asked Cathy to tell my daughters a little about her dreams. She said in her dream that she was to “ask Phil about the Book”.

     After a couple more years, Cathy decided to go to church with Donna and I for the first time. It was a Stake Conference meeting at the Stake Center in Othello Washington state.  We sat in the second row of the Chapel.  One of the speakers was a Sister Call, the wife of the mission president, who told a story about a non-member man who had an experience remarkably similar to Cathy’s. He was dating a woman and the man had a dream that the girl had a book. After that dream the man asked the girl what book she had. The girl told the man the Book was the Book of Mormon and gave him the book. That was the story that God wanted Cathy to hear, because she also had 3 dreams that I had a book of some ancient people. After the meeting, I went up to Sister Call and told her about Cathy. Sister Call told me that that was the first time that she had told that story and that that event and story had been on her mind all day.

     After a few more years, Cathy called to find out when we were coming over for Christmas. I decided to ask her what her beliefs were about God, life after death, and what she believed about the Book of Mormon after having the dreams and reading parts of the book. To my surprise, she said she'd "read the entire Book of Mormon and believed that it was a good and true history, like the Bible." It was an amazing surprise! She’d had those dreams over 10 years ago. When I asked her if I ever told her about how I came to be a member of the church, she said no, so I told her a little. She asked me how I met Donna and I told her I then explained to her about the missionary lessons, and encouraged her to take them. I also shared with her how the gospel fits the whole puzzle of life together. We talked about Christmas a little, and at the end thanked me for telling her about the missionary lessons and promised that she would consider it.

     I believe that Cathy was given those dreams for two reasons. First, I believe that she was seeking for truth. Second, I believe that it was because of Donna’s many prayers for her family, including Cathy and Dennis, in the same way we see in the scriptures when Alma prays for his son, Alma the Younger.  Note: Mosiah 27:14

     I, Phil Michel, testify that this story and the events that I have stated above are true. Cathy is the one whom God gave three dreams to, and can recount these dreams herself. Donna was also there, and heard it all, along with one of my daughters. 

     God does live and the Book of Mormon is a book that God wants all to have so that they will be able to receive more light and truth into their lives. It truly is Another Testament of Jesus Christ. I am thankful that God does answer prayer.  And for the Book of Mormon, the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Prophets, Apostles and for the fact that His Church on earth today. 
     I testify that that the Book of Mormon is Another Testament of Jesus Christ and that it is true.  I testify that the above events did take place.  Phil Michel