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Why Book of Mormon Events in Mesoamerica?

 The Main Book of Mormon Events Took Place in Mesoamerica.

The following is a Power Point presentation,
By: Alan Miner &  Ancient American Foundation Editors.,
Dated: 2003-07-01  (8.20 MB download.) 



<< "Mesoamerica Setting for Book of Mormon"    A small number of examples that match Mesoamerica with the Book of Mormon geography.  (Source: Ancient American Foundation)


 << Why Mesoamerica Fits Book of Mormon Geography, by Alan Miner (PDF)


The Truth about Joseph Smith's Beliefs on Book of Mormon Geography, (23.13 min. Youtube video, by FairMormon, Jul 10, 2014)

"Certain groups who entertain a North American setting for The Book of Mormon claim that "Joseph Knew" where Book of Mormon events took place. But to come to this conclusion, they only share the quotes from Joseph Smith that agree with them and ignore the rest. This video takes an honest look at what Joseph Smith taught and believed. He taught that The Book of Mormon happened in North America, Mesoamerica, western US, and South America. Anyone who tries to claim that he only taught their theory is only examining a portion of the evidence.
The main point of this video is to promote the Church's position on BOM geography, and that is that there is no revelation on the subject and all who have written or said anything about it have only been their opinions. This includes Joseph Smith. As Latter-day Saints we need to stick to the Church's statements and not accept anything beyond that, particularly if they are teaching the opposite of what the Church says, namely, that there was revelation on BOM geography."