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Knowledge of the Tower of Babel in the Americas.

“Which Jared came forth with his brother and their families, with some others and their families, from the great tower, at the time the Lord confounded the language of the people, and swore in his wrath that they should be scattered upon all the face of the earth; and according to the word of the Lord the people were scattered.”  (Ether 1:33)

Diego Durán (c. 1537–1588) was a Dominican friar best known for his authorship of one of the earliest books on the history and culture of the Aztecs, The History of the Indies of New Spain, a book that was much criticized in his lifetime for helping the Also known as the Durán Codex, The History of the Indies of New Spain was published c. 1581. 
He was fluent in Nahuatl, the Aztec language, and was therefore able to consult natives and Aztec codices as well as work done by earlier friars. His empathetic nature allowed him to gain the confidence of many native people who would not share their stories with Europeans, and was able to document many previously unknown folktales and legends that make his work unique.

"...men of monstrous stature...took possession of this country.  These giants...dicided to build a tower so high that its summit would reach unto heaven.  And gathering materials for this building, the giants found clay for bricks and an excellent mortar with which they began to build the tower...it seemed to reach to heaven-the Lord of the Heights became angry and said to the inhabitants of the heavens "Have you seen that the men of the earth have built a proud and lofty tower in order to come up here...Come, let us confound them,...then those who dwell in the heavens...tore down the tower that had been constructed.  And the giants, bewildered and filled with terror, separated and fled in all directions."   (The History of the Indies of New Spain  By Fray Diego Durán P. 8-9)