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Testimony of the Book of Mormon
By Phil Michel


I know that the Book of Mormon is true.  I have listened to it on tape and/or read it about 15 times. I have compared the historical events as recorded in the Book of Mormon with archeology evidence of the ancient people who lived in specifically Meso-America. Most of those ancient ruins are of those ancient Book of Mormon people and their remaining Lamanite posterity.

Jesus Christ did come to the Americas and He does live. 

I have listened to on tape and/or read the Old Testament about 4 times the New Testament about 10 times, the Doctrine & Covenants about 7 times the Pearl of Great Price about 15 times. In reading, pondering, and comparing each of these books and praying about the things written in them.  I have found them to be a great treasure of truth.  They are the blueprints in life to us from God for happiness.  They all are testifying that Jesus is the Christ and that He lives.

There is no other doctrine, idea, belief, theory or any other religions of men that makes any common sense. All other beliefs, ideas theories, and or religions do not agree with all of the truth, past or presently known to men on earth. 

It is only in the pure restored Gospel of Jesus Christ that we find all of the truth that agrees with all other truth known and available to the world.

"Religion is something someone believes whether it is true or not.  Truth is true regardless of what of what someone believes."   (A Quote from Phil Michel)

The Book of Mormon is true. 
I love it.  
It has been a light in my life.  
A great treasure.  
A gift from above. 

 The Book of Mormon is truly "Another testament of Jesus Christ" who is "the light and life of the World."  (John 8:12), (3 Nephi 11:11), (D&C 11:28)

Phil Michel