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What Happened to the Stone Box?

Almost fifty years later David Whitmer was interviewed by a Chicago Times reporter who wrote the following;
"Three times has he, [David Whitmer], been at the hill Cumorah and seen the casket, [meaning the box], that contained the tablets and the seer-stone. Eventually the casket has been washed down to the foot of the hill, but it was to be seen when he visited the historic place"  (Chicago Times, Aug. 12, 1875)


 << Edward Stevenson who was acquainted with Joseph Smith, relates what he was told by an 'old man' living near the Hill Cumorah:
"Questioning him closely he stated that he had seen some good-sized flat stones that had rolled down and lay near the bottom of the hill. This had occurred after the contents of the box had been removed and these stones were doubtless the ones that formerly composed the box. I felt a strong desire to see these ancient relics and told him I would be much pleased to have him inform me where they were to be found. He stated that they had long since been taken away."   (Reminiscences of Joseph the Prophet, And the Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon, by Elder Edward Stevenson, 1893 Salt Lake City, Utah.)