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Many Cities were Buried In the Depth of the Earth - 34 A.D.
"that great city Moronihah have I covered with earth…"    (3 Nephi 9:5)
"...the city of Gilgal have I caused to be...buried up in the depths of the earth:"  (3 Nephi 9:6)
"...the city Gadiandi, and the city of Gadiomnah, and the city of Jacob and the city of Gimgimno...have I buried up in the depth of the earth..."  
(3 Nephi 9:8)
The above scriptures list six different cities that were destroyed previous to the coming of the resurrected Savior, Jesus Christ, to the Western Hemisphere.  
The Book of Mormon records that these cities were all destroyed and covered with “earth” in the year 34 A.D.  

In 1830, when The Book of Mormon was first published, no one in the United States had any information or knowledge of any Cities in the Western Hemisphere that were “buried up in the depth of the earth”.  And for someone, in 1830, to try to figure out the dates of the Cities destruction as being destroyed in the year 34 A.D. would have been impossible.
City of Cuicuilco, Mexico under 32 foot deep lava flow.     



 . “Valley of Mexico…The Cuicuilco-Ticomán…Of considerable interest is the type site of Cuicuilco, located on the southwestern edge of the valley. Lava from a nearby volcano covers all of Cuicuilco, including the lower part of the round “pyramid” for which it is best known. Ceramic analysis and radiocarbon dating have proved that the flow occurred at about the time of Christ.”    (Encyclopedia Britannica 2003)


“Lava 30’ deep, covering the ancient city of Copilco, Mexico.    (“Archaeology & the Book of Mormon” by Milton R. Hunter, p. 118) 






“An ancient city located near the present town of Paredon, in the state of Coahuila, some 500 miles north of Mexico City, was suddenly destroyed in some past age by an overflow of water and mud, and that its remains are still existent on the spot.
  Many massive walls have been found, but they are covered with a mass of deposited earth, sixty feet in thickness.  And mingled in this earth are human skeletons, the tusk of elephants, etc., are distributed in a way which indicates that the overflow of water and mud was sudden, giving no time for escape.” (American Antiquarian, 25:395-397, 1903)

 The ancient city of Temazczl covered in ash.

 Temazcal in Joya de Ceren, is an archaeological site in El Salvador featuring a pre-Columbian Maya farming village preserved remarkably intact under layers of volcanic ash. It is often referred to as the "Pompeii of the Americas" in comparison to the famous Ancient Roman ruins. Even more important than the buildings, however, are the paleoethnobotanical remains. Of great importance is the discovery of manioc fields, the first time manioc cultivation had been found at a New World archaeological site.